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Alana McGee

A couple of frustrating training days behind us practicing with buried metal tea bags. In hindsight I think I buried them a bit too deep and closed the hole with heavy, solid earth.Both Esprit and Vidoc found the first hide but it took forever for the 2nd one so I called them off. In yesterdays 2nd session it got too dark, both boys didn?t find their hides (it was their 2nd session) so I just had Byuti (my third Malinois) finishing up. Boy did she nail those hides, took me by surprise. Talk about a zippy firecracker LOL and boosting my confidence about my dogs? level of experience.

Failures are learning opportunities so today I was confident that Esprit could find all hides.
As you might tell we had a beautiful fall day. That makes for a lot ?traffic in the background? and needless to say he noticed it and had to stare at it. But then he is so good at his job when he snaps back in working mode.
I read Esprit?s last feedback before our 2nd session so you can hopefully see I tried to move in a lot faster with more enthusiasm. Will certainly make an effort doing so as it makes totally sense. Hopefully it helps with his scanning for distractions a bit too!

2 sessions with each 2 buried hides: