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Alana McGee

Been sick since the weekend, helper not available today but is looking forward to help on another day and then soccer field unavailable this afternoon as kids were playing. But I will practice in that field some more so they both become more comfortable that hides can be in the middle of a field!

I then opted for the patch of grass behind my house where I hardly train. I believe only once and that was for the first video last week. There are 3 hides in small round tins hidden under leaves. The second hide that Esprit found was covered by a twig. Vidoc was first to get his search so the area was a contaminated as I didn’t mark and remember each of the 3 spots and just put the tins down somewhere. Also they were only cooking for less than 5 minutes – just exchanging dogs but playing with Esprit before he got his turn.

My sweet clown had to scan the area and I then just called his name to bring his attention back. Not on video but a neighbor was gardening and it some odd sound to it (I was distracted during Vidoc’s search). But Esprit wasn’t looking towards that direction. Probably curious if luck was on his side and would present him with a bolting deer 🙂 But we practice SAR in the woods and he never scans for wildlife when he works.

He is so darn cute when I finds the hide, happily retrieves it to me and spits it out right by my feet. As you know he is very quick.