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Alana McGee

Great searches with Esprit Rachel. The only thing we really want to note in this video is you are going to want to keep an eye out for that ?head check? behavior (when he whips back around 1:25). That will likely be your first indication that Esprit is on Odor distinctly and that you should close distance quickly. He does it each time in this video.

We LOVE that he was ?digging? in the second search.

Again we think wind played a interested role here, much as it did Vidoc. Notice how Espirt has to get downwind of the target before he can do that all important ?head check? and zero in on location. This is at 0:17 to 0:23. we like not only his retrieve but his ?spit it? at you, followed by a bow/ down. Great job on the reward.

We think you are spot on in your assessment that Esprit has a different style than Vidoc and likely will not be quite as methodical (as in terms of a grid pattern) in checking. Not bad, just different!

His pinpointing precision skills are so quick! When you see him do this, be aware he is soon to find the target odor.

Looks GREAT though! Just keep an eye out for that head check.

It’s also ok, if he checks out his surroundings a bit. Give him a chance to loosen up before putting him in the game is totally ok!