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Alana McGee

In hindsight I would think Esprit’s “shake off” was his way to re-focus again. I am pretty sure there was nothing on him and I don’t think he was stressed at all. That’s so typical for my lively boy 🙂

He did the same 2 searches as Vidoc did. I was pretty confident that it will easier for Esprit than for Vidoc as Vidoc is the more methodical one and has more of a history searching fences, corners, and edges.

In the first search, first part of video, I had to recall him ones as he might have gotten stuck searching the fence (bushes and not visible on video as in the back of the camcorder). Still windy conditions when Esprit did his search.

In the second search Esprit was very eager to go down to the field so I had to recall him. The field is so full of reinforcement for my dogs as we do a lot of fun training and then just an hour or so before we did the first search down there.