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Alana McGee

Hi Rachel

[quote] Props make him go in overboard. [/quote]

I have one of those too, so I understand 🙂 That is also what we were suspecting was the case with Esprit to a degree.

[quote] He sees something he hast to give it a glance. [/quote]

That?s ok. Distractions happen, and are a part of life. You aren?t given awards in truffle hunting for extreme single minded obedience or work ethic. In the real world, distractions happen. It is in knowing how to move forward, productively, safely, and with intent that matters.

A great example was actually in Lois & Monza?s video from this week (Week 1) that Kristin did a voice analysis on. Monza got distracted by music from neighbors. That?s Fine, it happens! What was awesome is she snapped right back around to work. Not all dogs do that as quickly or effectively, and not in all scenarios. It is in how you try to manage the situation for the highest possible success rate after a distraction (or in preparation for), and also in gradually building endurance and attention spans and value in your current task. Which you do!

Just like in any other training scenario, truffle hunting or not, you have to build to that 🙂 And you are absolutely right, it shouldn?t be punishment, this should be fun! Always it should be fun! We can?t stress that enough!!!

[quote] I wouldn’t have done it as there are no time restraints for videos but mainly he has the nose and finds truffles whereas I have no clue if there are any truffles or not. [/quote]

That is right! Speed, honestly, is not an issue. He?s the one with the super sensory olfactory organ! It is ok if you think he is actually distracted by something, and pursuing it, to call him back and re-engage. If he does something like that, that is a break in your connection. It?s okay, it happens, just know that you need to then re-prime perhaps and get him to be re-enthused about your current activity. Again, it isn?t about punishment, it?s about making this fun, together. This is also why, again, you have that extra target on you! For just such scenarios.

As for distracting things, it will take time to get used to all the odd and interesting things in truffle environments. You know this, but just like any other training, it is in practicing in those environments where you learn a lot, just don?t push too hard too fast- which we aren?t concerned about with you guys. The fact you are aware is good 🙂

The video behind your house is great. You are spot on that it poses little actual challenge for him. The lack of boxes as stimuli is a big improvement, and the tugging is good 🙂 While still a happy zippy fellow (!) he is slightly less frenetic when searching– which is good.

At the 0:59 I love seeing him do what we call the ?head check? which means he hit the scent column and reorients his body towards it.

That video was great and fun to watch! It will be matter of keeping building value at this stage and increasing the distraction level for Esprit.

The tug and the re-alerting are EXCELLENT on that last find. Put a huge grin on my face. You guys are fun to watch! nice work.