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Alana McGee

I had an agility trial on Sunday morning and had to get up very early. But it just made my day when I read “zippy firecracker”:) Yes so true, Esprit is a hoot, my darling zippy firecracker and is full of energy. I think he was so proud working. Was it my attitude, the video camera, the boxes or just Esprit who is always a happy kid, fully of energy and giving me his best performance.

Yesterday I did as you recommended. On the first search I forgot to prime him so we want back into the house for a quick primer. I was also tugging with him. That certainly helps to get off some edge. Plus no visuals was certainly good. Esprit LOVES to target with his front paws and he used to pivot on nearly everything doable (even less advisable). Props make him go in overboard.

in his first search by the children playground I had him on leash. He got distracted a wee bit. If he hears and/or sees something he hast to give it a glance. In obedience not what you want but in fairness I am not better either. As long as he returns to the job on hand I don’t have a problem. I don’t want to interrupt as this turns into punishment instead keep him upbeat and confident.

In one instance I called him back as he drifted away too much of the search area. However in real life I wouldn’t have done it as there are no time restraints for videos but mainly he has the nose and finds truffles whereas I have no clue if there are any truffles or not.

The second search just behind my house was easy for him and I had him off leash. Not distracted either as no people walking by, area more limited than the one before.

Here is a video of his 2nd search