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Alana McGee

I apologize for posting two videos to get an idea where I stand and what to focus on with Esprit this week.

Oh boy Esprit was totally excited to search for truffles 🙂 Whereas Vidoc methodically searches Esprit kind of blew off and got easily distracted in his first search. He was so happy and it seemed to me he knew he’s going to have an audience 🙂

[b]1st search: outdoor hides with visible game boxes (on leash)[/b]
I didn’t use the white cottage cheese container with the oh so yummy wet cat food smell I had in Vidoc’s searches as Esprit already managed to open the lid and licking it. I also had Esprit on leash because there were a number of bikers driving by. The leash helped him to connect.

[b]2nd search: outdoor hides on patio, no visual aids (off leash)[/b]
He nailed those 3 targets like a pro 🙂 That tells me to prep Esprit better when we do a search in a new environment with more distractions and just in general to get him focused.