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Alana McGee

Hi Rachel

So sorry for the delay in response.

Yes, more locations like this would be good. Very soon in the next class we are going to ask you to find forested settings. We go into specifics there, but start keeping your eye out for wooded settings that don?t have a ton of undergrowth in them. For you, because your truffle season is also right now it will also be important to try to find some with the WRONG kinds of trees so we can be sure the boys are practicing in truffle free environments. And you?ll just have to be sensitive to alerts elsewhere as they may be alerting on real truffles too.

Again your video is really good. He?s very calm and precise. really nice. Nice lie down at source and delivery of rewards.

On the second hide he does such a good job. It kind of gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Because he?s confident and just so relaxed about it, after digging walking around to the other side and alerting. Just love it.

This was very easy for him, which is great and I?m glad you?re using the fresh new pieces with him. Keep doing that of different truffles if you can. I would start building the space out a little farther too occasionally as well if you?re not right now. We are going to start doing more endurance soon, so this helps with that- as do more pieces out in the scenario if you have them.

The sequence at 1:55 is really too. Overall it is just really nice and exemplary

Also love him with that toy. What a cutie!