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Alana McGee

Due to the time difference and today being the last day to submit videos I went ahead and took the dogs truffle hunting.

For Vidoc I used one of the truffles I bought from my herding instructor this Sunday. I primed him at home and as you can tell in the video Vidoc did a great job. The holes were about 2 – 3″ deep. They were cooking for about 20 – 30 minutes as I took the dogs for a walk in between. Hardly any wind, earth on the wet side due to the heavy fog (each day till March to April now) and it was raining yesterday.

I marked the holes but before Vidoc entered the scene I removed the ribbons so I had a clue where they are approximately located.

Vidoc was also careful with his digging; he didn’t kick any of the truffles far away so he to relocate it. He loves this kind of environment where he has so much space to move into a down and nose targeting the truffles.

I guess I will try to locate more environments like this one – forest edge – and hide 3 or more truffles. Any other suggestions?