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Alana McGee

People, are, ugh. Sorry they yelled at you. Your dogs are exemplary off leash, don’t know why they have a problem!!! Frustrating I know.

Wind could certainly be part of it too- but what was interesting, and VERY ATYPICAL, was him leaving source. I could tell (and you could too) that he found it, he just left it.

Vidoc is amazing. What I think is that Vidoc is very specific. Hyper exceptional perhaps. I say this because I have personal experience on this one too.That is why trying to use different sources may help him generalize that everything within this range of VOCs is acceptable for an alert.

He’ll pick it up really quickly I have no doubt, but since you’ve only been using the truffles you had previously- it might not be a large enough array of scent source. this truffle has some different VOCs and he wasn’t as confident about it because while it was close it didn’t match what has a history on.

See what happens if you can get a couple of different sources (as in individual truffles- shavings work too) and work on those and mix it up. He soon will be solid on all of them.

I bet if you asked your instructor for pieces of other ones she had, and explain why, she’d be amenable.