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Alana McGee

Glad to hear about the truffles. The truffles you get from you herding instructor are likely fresher than some things you will find at market- so they will be stronger in odor- also this time of year your local truffles Tuber aestivum/uncinatum (its the same thing) are stronger this time of year- but it will vary from batch to batch. Always does. But that?s great you have a source! if you need back up let me know as I got the contact of a group which distributes in Switzerland and can likely get you small quantities.

We don?t have any complaints about this search. It looks great. Short & focused and you both did awesome. Vidoc doesn?t seem to know you were ?finished? as much, so if it is important to you- that is something you can work on. Give him a toy after ways maybe to play with- or personal play on the way out? But your call.

You don?t say how deep these were, but you can start going deeper. Don?t do that in the same session as you try unmarked ones though! Just to be safe 🙂

It didn?t look like Vidoc was using visual cues. Looked like his nose! Well done.

*One other thing to be cautious about if you do this again here, in this location- unlikely in this spot as that tree in the foreground does not look familiar and those look like alder and maple (and some firs/pines in the way back) and maple (acer) does not host your species. But if he alerts somewhere you didn?t plant one- check- because your truffle season is now- and you never know. If that tree in the back left is a beech (again, really hard to tell from here) careful, as Burgundy truffles do associate easily with Beech.

Well done though. That was great.