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Alana McGee

Looks like I can only buy truffles from the local market. But only on Saturdays and I am usually trialing on Saturdays. Will have to ask my Mom if she can get one for me. But it will be most likely an Italian truffle again as I called the guy who sells them. If you have some contacts in Switzerland I would like to check with them for fresh Swiss truffles.

This afternoon Vidoc searched 3 vials in the grassy area behind my house. I marked all spots with a pink ribbon. As you can see we had a short and sweet session 🙂 He tends to kick them a bit away with his pawing so he has to search again. I forgot about the verbal encouragement as I learned to be quiet when working my dogs except in agility. Now have to learn to chat again/

The vials were cooking for about half an hour and I had the top opened risking to loose truffles. All vials were buried and covered with earth (maybe 1 to 2 cm on top). I varied the soil – loose and more packed – but I aimed for success and not difficulty.