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Alana McGee

Thank you Kristine!

Yes it’s an pond at the bottom behind the trees. Living in Switzerland with so many hills yes we were working on a small hill.

Vidoc’s first two hides were buried tins (the small round ones I got from your store). So no visual cues at all. I pushed the vales into the grass/dirt and there was no way to see them.

We started burying targets last week and due to my crazy busy schedule recently we haven’t done lots of locating targets underground. I certainly will go back to hide targets in the grassy areas by my house (mark them too) so we get plenty of practice with that. That’s very new for my dogs finding something underground and we will need a lot more practice.

The pieces of frozen truffle have been used in the training targets for the past few weeks since this class started. So yes they have been thawed out multiple times and refrozen multiple times.
Just recently when I came back with the buried training targets I cleaned the tins and plastic valves with a wet towel (valves were used in this session the first time though) and I clearly remember that I put the truffles on a paper towel while I was cleaning the tins and valves. BTW the valves sill cary the truffles in it (call me lazy and cheap but it’s more being ignorant).

Maybe I have thawed out and refrozen the truffles for 10 to 15 times and yes there was always a piece of frozen truffle in the target. I always put a piece into training target and then start hiding it unless we are driving to a new place.