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Alana McGee

So far we did 3 sessions in new places. I don’t think a new environment is a bit challenge for my dogs as they are used to train in new habitats and do a great job with generalizing. But I think the added difficulty of burying targets is still a challenge. Maybe the frozen truffles (bought a new one a bit before this session 2 started and stored it in pieces frozen) are not that distinct in smell?

Thursday afternoon I lost one tea egg out of a total of 5 targets.Both boys were unable to find all 5 targets. The targets were buried for about 5 minutes.

Friday afternoon I had no car, buried 5 targets in the woods a bit behind my car. I let it cook for over one hour (picked up the car during that time). Again both both were unable to find all 5 targets. I think all the heavy and wet leaves added to the difficulty plus the earth was wet and packed too. Lost one small round tin.

And today, Sunday afternoon, our 3rd session with buried targets in a new environment. I used 2 small round tins and 5 plastic valves. Because it was a beautiful fall day tons of people out. I finally found a nice spot but you will hear an old grumpy guy who was threatening with the cops because I drove a short distance were cars are not allowed (next to construction vehicles). Didn’t bother Vidoc though.

So that’s just part of our session today. Actually I got Vidoc out of the car a total of 3 times in the hope to find the 2nd small round tin but again another got lost.

I am bit uncertain how to continue now. I don’t think a new environment is the issue, it’s the digging part. I don’t go deep. I also don’t know what kind of a target to use. I only have one small round tin left and 1 tea egg. I can get tea eggs but they are a bit bulky I think. I have a nice variety of valves left though. And I need to mark it a thread as I can’t remember where I buried those targets.