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Alana McGee

Vidoc does an excellent job with the first one. pretty darn perfect.

The second one was one of the closer hides. Great- again, flawless on both your parts!

The 3rd one is really good too.

Good work on putting them all close together. This is a hard scenario, but you guys did really well. Though it took some time, that?s ok! This is a harder scenario because the targets, being close, are mingling odor around and it can be difficult for a dog to pick out just one scent column to follow from the multiple that exist in an area. It is very like real world scenarios. Really well done honestly, though it may seem it took a while.

Whats interesting is he keeps returning (not alerting, but returning) to the sites of the previous hides. Likely because he?s having difficultly isolating the other columns in the area and is following the remnants of what is there. That?s ok, it?s just interesting. He is trying really hard, and investigating all leads as it were.

If he got stuck in a situation like that for a longer period of time a couple things to do- one- slowly move out of that area yourself so you encourage searching elsewhere and then return again. two- move slightly off of where the targets were hidden and offer him a manufactured success, and then keep going.

He is trying really hard to find it! And again, this is a relatively hard scenario with targets close together. Vidoc is a dog whom we think will keep working until he finds it, but we want it to be fun, so start to begin to gauge what is an acceptable about of time searching without having a success before he starts to get signs of frustration. Err on the conservative side and then you can build it up to more time in-between finds.. We talk about it in FE530 in searching negative spaces.

What you did at 3:13 is perfect. Because those hides were all pretty close the area is mixed up with odor moving around, bringing him back to the general area where he semi alerted was a good instinct on your part and then once he is there and alerts again, you are ready to reinforce that.

Overall really nice Rachel. Again, your instincts are right on target. Vidoc did fabulously as well. it was a tougher scenario. The only thing I would mention is be prepared to offer a manufactured success to Vidoc in a scenario like that (especially if you are doing at a s blind hide- and can?t help by uncovering a bit of the soil.)

Again, I wouldn?t be too concerned about the soil/ depth etc. It is a learning curve and these being close in proximity was a tough one. But you both did very very well.