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Alana McGee

HI Rachel!

I haven’t watched the video yet as my internet is cutting in and out and it won’t load at present, but until I can, here were my comments on your question.

I’ll let you know comments in a bit if I can get the internet working properly again, or in the (my) am.

As for where truffles are found.

For you and what you are looking for it will be a bit variable.

If you decide to take the boys on a trip to italy and just happen to go ‘walking around the country side? (we may have some places you can actually go on a friends property) you more likely will be dealing more with truffles in grass kinds of situations, like where oak trees & willow & beech trees are. if there isn?t actual tall grass around the trees in these areas it will be leaf litter on top of a medium kind of body of soil generally. Not super compacted.

For near you in Switzerland (and we?ll connect you with scientists there later) you will more likely be in conifer forests with duff needles so the soil won?t be ?so? compact. Depth ranges from about an inch to about maybe 6 inches for what you will be looking for primarily- but again, it can be variable. They can be breaking the surface/ causing cracks in the ground.

Soil ranges from hard clay types to sandy areas. Generally it won?t be super hard though. disable. Like I imagine the soccer field.

The more the soil is ?packed? down, the longer you need to leave the target to cook ideally. It does get more challenging with depth, but it is a learning curve and it will get easier with time. They haven’t really ever done many buried hides before, so it’s a new thing!