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Alana McGee

Thanks for the awesome feedback! Vidoc spoils me so much with his noise! I had the extra hide with me to end the sessions I was hoping for more successfully.

[quote]You said packed the soil down?. How long did you let the targets sit then? [/quote]
I forgot how long but would say 15 minutes if not longer. Should have written it down but I clearly remember that I let it cook for some time.

[quote]Are you still using frozen pieces? [/quote]
Yes still and always using frozen pieces. However I still used the pieces I got a long time ago and that I used a lot plus had them previously stored in the fridge with eggs. I can smell them.
Anyhow I used ?new frozen truffle pieces? in yesterday?s successful sessions.

But I think I jumped criteria way too much in the first searches and in yesterday’s went with a “fresher” truffle and the hole might have been a wee bit less deep and definitely not “air tight” closed with packed soil.

[quote]Second Environment:
We haven?t *seen this area before (I know you practice here from description) but this is a very good area too! [/quote].
Just a very small patch of grass above the little soccer field.