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Alana McGee

We simply love watching Vidoc (& you) go through these exercises. It is cathartic and peaceful and just fun to watch. We don?t really have all that much to comment on. You guys look really good. I really love Vidoc’s ease of presence in the situation. He is working, but relaxed. Love it.

I actually really like this space for you guys to work in. You say you don?t use it much, but I think it is a good size with mix of ground and side cover etc. It?s also good that you hardly train there. We like that for the boys, different scenery. I can see bikers going by at one point so I understand why it may be difficult on occasion.

We had a question:

Vidoc is so ?chill? (in a good relaxed way) when you start the searches- do you ?prime? him at all, or is that just Vidoc? We know he has extensive years of search experience history, but it?s impressive, and we are curious. If not, we would say try it once as it is our observation that once Vidoc was certain what his odor was, he finds them exceptionally quickly. Not that his time searching is long or stressed- at all- don?t get us wrong, just curious to see the difference in behavior if that was not something you were already doing.

Lovely alerting and kudos to you for allowing his alert chain of behaviors to evolve!

You guys look fabulous. Can?t wait to see him (& you) on buried hides- and blind hides- but Vidoc is so solid, as are you with him in your connection and interpretation of behaviors (and kudos for your body posture and just how you respond to him), that we don?t expect there to be any surprises that may not be strictly environmental.

Good work.

Hope you are beginning to feel better!