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Alana McGee

Vidoc says thank you as always and is so happy to be in class!!!

To answer your last question ? why the party was much less enthusiastic: It?s called chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation plus feeling under the weather. I am going to stay in the next couple days (Monday and Tuesday), as I need to recover and get some much-needed energy back. The last couple weeks were way too busy to the point that I have only done one search with both Vidoc and Esprit

[quote]Have you and Vidoc worked in this soccer field before (for specifically truffle retailed activities)?[/quote]
We never worked truffles in this field before. I believe only a couple K9 nosework searches and only along the edges. The concept of having a hide in the middle of a field was new for my dogs and me.

[quote]Do you know which way the wind was coming from?[/quote]
Bummer forgot to note it except realizing the wind was quite strong when standing still and watching my dogs working. In hindsight I believe it came left to right (in camera view aspects). I basically sent Vidoc against the wind initially.

My question: when I am asking an assistant to set up hides how many should they dog and where? Because I don?t think we are ready for a plain soccer field and we would actually do better (based on experience) in an area by the forest that has some bushes.