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Alana McGee

Hi Rachel

A few questions:

Have you and Vidoc worked in this soccer field before (for specifically truffle retailed activities)?Do you know which way the wind was coming from?

We ask because there are a couple things to mention depending on your answer to those questions which would be relevant and offer explanation.

We can see Vidoc doing the perimeter check, which is completely ok. He created an area for himself, and that may develop into a search pattern/style for him— he creates an area, does a perimeter sweep and then does your typical coursing. It looks like he created a perimeter from the difference in ground height with the bank. That is ok. Depending on wind direction, it also could likely be that he was headed over there so that he could start from a place of working ?into? the wind (This is I think more likely)

If you start Vidoc upwind of the odor it is very hard (which it looks like may be the case). This may also be a case of Vidoc just being smarter than us all, and knowing he needs to go to a barrier where odor will collect from a downwind position and then follow it to source.

You can see at just about 0:21 right at the end of the screen he does what we call a ?negative?. As in he reads the area as having a negative odor in that direction and so reorients himself to the area in which you are focusing, generally speaking.

It honesty looks like during that sequence when he is running along the bank that he hits a weak/ uneven scent column (0:29 to 0:31). That?s why he pops off the bank and follows it out but loses it, so continues to search looking.

Calling him back over is just fine. It?s a team, and you know where it is right now, so it is ok to help him for success!

0:57 is BRILLIANT! SMART smart Vidoc. the party at 1:07 is magnificent! we love how you both light up when he finds the truffle!!! Very very good work! That was a very good search in a decently large area.

The second search is great! He is funny. He?s very thorough and we actually like that he checks the perimeter and post at elevation.

When he does hit the odor column it is obvious and clear. Which will be helpful for you!

The second reward was a little more subdued. We were curious why the party was much less enthusiastic?

We think Vidoc Brilliant! And you too of course.

Motion works well for you as a team. You, Rachel, do a fabulous job of identifying when you should or should not add it to a scene, when Vidoc asks for support, and when you are trying to get him to re-engage in an area! It?s a really nice connection and you read his subtle language VERY well. This will come in handy in the field because Vidoc will probably continue searching until he finds a truffle…in the field, you will need to recognize “if Vidoc hasn’t found one yet (after a certain period of time), there probably aren’t any here” and move on to cue him to search new areas, through the use of your body movement. He is, of course, responsive to recall as well, which is great, but your movement often seems like it can move him from location to location.

overall, great job. Especially with wind and new area.