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Alana McGee

The first hide, placed somewhat in the middle of the small soccer field, was a difficult search. So far the hides were always placed on the edges of an area and/or there was some visual aid such as a post, bench, etc.

The first part of the video shows the last part of Vidoc?s hunt. Initially he spent some time searching along the edges of the field thus also using up some stamina. I recalled him a couple times and moved away from the camcorder towards the middle of the field. I tried to help him to check out the middle of the grass by moving vs. standing idle by the camcorder. Should have walked with him right from the start as I would most likely do it in a forest. Furthermore it was very windy so I am happy how he solved it.

The second search was easier as the area was narrower. But again had to recall him once and the video shows the last part of his search.