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Alana McGee

I did 2 more outdoor searches yesterday. One was a bit more difficult by the children’s playground. Vidoc was off leash and not distracted. In one instance he checked out the opposite side of the playground where there was a bench. Since he just made sure there is no truffle and it didn’t take him long I let him do it. But is it okay to call them off? Generally I don’t like doing it as in real life it could be a truffle area and I trust my dog’s nose.

Here is the 2nd search about 1 hour or later behind my house. I used 1 tin and 2 vales. Interesting that he alerted the first vale (2nd hide in video); then dropped it and moved on. My thought was that he caught sense. Since he did a nice job continuing searching I just made sure after he found the third and last hide that he properly alerts on the second one.