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Alana McGee

HI Rachel!

EXCELLENT Rachel. You are correct, this really doesn?t pose much problem for Vidoc at all. Really nice reward sequences.

In this setting (Video 1), you guys are doing a great job.

I would work on a few things this week, and this starts bleeding into some of the things we talk about in Week 2.

It likely will not pose much challenge for Vidoc, but it is all positive reward histories, which is what we want:

With the boxes, enlarge your area even further and build confidence in Vidoc having successful searches in larger areas. The multiple hides are great, but begin to increase the the search area as well.

Also try taking away the boxes and just have the tins out. Begin to obscure them with grass/ leaf litter. Start in a slightly smaller area, or the size you are working in the first video, and then you can see how that goes and progress to larger area.

Because you do practice in that area (Video 2) for NW a lot, Vidoc searching the fence line is totally normal, it is associated with the environment.

The lack of visual id is great in this one and at the at 1:03 Great! Love that he is actively digging a bit to get at it! I also love when you cue again to he goes back to the same site and checks it thoroughly, but does not alert. That?s great. I love that we can HEAR him searching 🙂

This video is actually great because it shows us how he works where there is about a minute where he is actively sreaching but not getting on a scent column. Very informative of his work ethic and stress thresholds for searching. At 2:40 when he finds it, that is a perfect place to stop, and you did a great job. This is also how you build endurance, and some of that comes with working in larger areas and more complicated hides, like the ones in the grass where they are obscured.

I would focus on beginning to work in the area pictured in Video 1 for the majority of the time. You can continue to do hides, just like you did in Video 2, but we want you to start enlarging your search area and building confidence. That and beginning to work in Video 1 area with limited visual ID. We don?t want them buried yet, but start obscuring them more.