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Alana McGee

I was a bit unsure what to video so just went ahead and did 2 searches. I apologize for posting 2 videos but I hope to get some feedback on what to focus with Vidoc this week.

[b]1st search: outdoor hides with visible game boxes (off leash)[/b]
For Vidoc the environment didn’t provide any distractions. There is path behind the trees and frankly I can’t remember if someone walked or biked by as it doesn’t bother Vidoc at all. You can’t tell but the small white container in the front, he gives it a sniff towards the end after he found the first 2 targets, was an empty cottage cheese container that contained a smelly wet cat food sachet.

[b]2nd search: outdoor hides, no visual aids (off leash)[/b]
We have trained here a lot and also K9 nosework. I think that’s why Vidoc methodically searches the fence and above ground. We haven’t done a lot of hides in the grass and I believe only a couple times I had 2 vails pushed into the grass.