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Alana McGee

Hi Shannon

As for smell in the training solution: Not necessarily. The volatiles are there, but ask Cricket.

It is a distilled mixed concentrate, that is in a airlock via the dropper bottle so it shouldn?t decay, but you all have solution from the same batch.

If you do a test and Cricket doesn?t respond to it, we can definitely send you a new one, but just because you as a human can?t smell it, doesn?t mean it is not there!

I?ll see if before the next class we can?t get our Canadian colleagues to send you some fresh ones.

Keep working and building on your toy transitions back and forth from finding, and keep working on multiple targets in doors, and the singles outside with the tossing game in the snow if she?ll tolerate it. And work on coat and bootie conditioning 🙂

Just keep building value in those things and keep making it fun.

You?re doing a great job with it right now, and Cricket is a hoot, but just keep solidifying the game and varying locations in your house and keeping sessions short. Which are doing now, which is great, We just want to build value, build value, build value.

What does ?twist? as a trick look like? (If those forum freezes let us know via email.

Nice priming! YAY! Good work 🙂 Sometimes it?s even just the little things!

It looks mighty cold!

Great work on the throw and release. nicely done 🙂 She LOVES that frisbee. I think the toy is really the way to go here!

We REALLY like the blankets inside. Watch her nose in that part- it is VERY realistic to truffle hunting in dirt and watching the nose for location. You did a GREAT absolutely GREAT job of getting down with her and asking for a re- alert and looking with her. Perfect. She stays with it and is super persistent. yes!!!!!

At 1:55 she is almost giving you a bow as well which can turn eventually into the down at source. Don?t push that though right now.

The hide ay 2:13 is awesome. The paw smack, and then nose rooting!!! LOVE. She keeps poking it with her nose. That, is frankly, fantastic in the best of ways.

2:40 Also, her anticipation on you for Frisbee reward is perfect.

Well done guys. It has been really fun to watch you progress.

If it is too chilly outside, I would say keep doing blanket hides like this, as an option, because it encourages the digging. You could start to due multiple hides in this fashion too and move from one to another and keep building value in that! If she starts hovering over a source but slightly unsure, go to her and encourage her to stay persistence in that area. Don?t force her to stay, but if she is unsure over a set of blankets (when you?re doing multiples) if you get down with her, I bet she?ll offer you an alert on source there. Build on that.

Well done guys.