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Alana McGee

Thanks Alana – we definitely are our own harshest critic. Thanks for reminding me how resilient she was in that video, that was good for me to see from your perspective!

We tried doing some tossing games outside, but it is just too cold to spend any amount of time out there today. We did a few rounds outside then moved inside to tossing to a pile of blankets – I thought it was still too much of a visual ID, so I then partially buried them and had her find them. She did great. You’ll see all three things in the video.

Cricket loves the snow but is having a hard time with cold feet – she doesn’t want to come in, but she is trying to walk on two or three legs. I’m hoping she will tolerate boots – the brand “Muttlucks” seem to be the most recommended in a Facebook group I belong to, so we will try those out. I am also working with her to try to get her to tolerate wearing a jacket since she doesn’t have a thick double coat. I am hoping to have this all sorted out by next class.

One other thing I’ve been wondering about before the class ends – should I be able to smell the truffles in the truffle training oil? I have never noticed any scent to the oil, but it seems like the other students are mentioning truffle smell. Just curious.

Thanks for another great class! We’ll keep practicing so that we are ready for the next class. Is there anything specific we should work on? I’d love to get a more precise alert, so I will definitely try to do that over the next few weeks.

Edited to add – you asked about tricks. Cricket doesn’t really have any solid ones, but we are working on spin, twist and backing up