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Alana McGee

That was an unfortunate start. Cricket CLEARLY finds it…but in the absence of your acknowledgment starts to question.

[quote]The lesson on precision alerts was on my mind when we were practicing last night, and that was my downfall in this case. I was waiting for Cricket to do more in her alerts, but I think because there were multiple targets this made her confused as she thought she wasn’t on the right source.[/quote]
Understandable, It happens. Just remember when you do work on more precise alerts- still acknowledge her. Don?t jump off the deep end too soon!

We?d like to know some trick behaviors Cricket knows (if she knows anything). This will come in a bit later, but we have some ideas. What are some tricks she knows that she LOVES and finds fun just to do?

We would like to see Cricket in the snow more. We want to see if she will continue to dig on the alert. IF you have time during this round before next class, let us see that.

What?s great is even after those initial alerts she threw you that went unacknowledged, she did then go back it. It?s a tough one, and she probably wouldn?t have made the correlation that she wasn?t clear enough the first time around- but the fact that you could then reward at source for that is really good. And she took the chance to show you again, which is hard!, and that?s great. Good job Cricket. 🙂

You do a good job Shannon on your rewards there.

Good playing with your toy 🙂

You saw all of this, which is great that you even marked it on your videos, but yes, at places like 1:48- jump in sooner and acknowledge. Then you can work on precise- but Acknowledge. ?Precise’ doesn?t have to right from the start of the alert. Ideally, sure, but that?s why we teach the re-alerts with the ?show me”

2:04 SMART dog! She knows full well the truffle ball she found earlier, and when you ask her ?show me? she certainly does. Clever girl.clever clever girl. And a great problem solver. 🙂 Makes me smile really big. May not be what you expected- but that was really an amazing moment. She did show you 🙂 She?s using that brain of hers!

The sequence at 2:57 is again, good on Cricket. She kept returning to it eventually, Which is really good. You have built up a lot of value in it, or she wouldn?t be offering to show you again, so major pets and cookies for Cricket on this one. She did a good job.

Good job YOU at the 3:10 sequence practicing the alert in had and at close quarters.

Your commentary on this video is spot on. You are seeing the gaps or breaks in your chain of behavior- like the frisbee. Self analysis is great, and you are seeing the things we would point out on this one.