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Alana McGee

Funny story. We were doing sit-stay & throw three targets (one hot two cold) in the living room. Crick alerted so enthusiastically that she jammed the tea ball under the couch. She stuck with it, lots of persistence to show me where it had gone. I had to flip the couch upside down and find the target. The tea ball had broken in two and the qtip had fallen out but it was all between the bottom couch liner and the couch itself (it’s a 30 year old couch, it is tired & falling apart) She basically showed me the location of the qtip through the fabric liner. Unfortunately, the underside of the couch must still smell like truffle because I have to keep saying “Good girl Cricket, the truffle WAS there, let’s do something else please).

Edited to add: She loves this game, and it is an easy way to kind of do blind hides. If we both sit with our backs turned and I roll the tea balls behind us neither of us knows which is which.