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Alana McGee

We did three outside hides this afternoon, each with a single target. I primed before each search and really just let her go at her own speed as far as checking out her environment. Here are two of them.

Hide 1: Using the fabric pieces
She finds it, and when I say “show me” she alerts on the tea ball beside us. I am not sure if I handled that right. I don’t think “show me” means to Cricket what I am hoping it does.

Weather notes: The wind is coming from the right side of the house to the left (the upper level winds must be going in the other direction since the clouds are heading the other way). I think that is why she leaves the frame, the scent would have been behind the target. It might have been too windy for this and the next search – it seems to be getting stronger all afternoon. We are single digits, blue blue skies, and dry here,

Hide 2: naked tea balls
She comes out of the house [u]hot[/u]- there must have been something in the tree that catches her attention and I thought we were going to have a full melt down. I’m telling her that she is safe and doesn’t need to worry about it – I knee down because that often helps her to connect when she is worried about something – she then jumps right into the game. I think I’ll continue with naked tea balls as it will reduce the visual cue.

Tomorrow’s plan is to do a couple of multi target hides inside on a long line.