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Alana McGee

[quote]but it is almost like she avoids the hot target until she has checked out everything else [/quote]

That?s ok. it?s a process of figuring out the game. We are working on cricket?s timetable, not ours 🙂 Many dogs need to check out an area before they decide to go into working/ alerting mode.

That first alert looked really good.
That was an awesome jackpot of treats 🙂 Go Cricket.

Did you prime Cricket on the second search?

Don?t really have all that much to add. You did fabulous with the false alert and checking and then moving on, as did Cricket. There could be any number of reasons why she did that- she?s trying to get cookies any way she can! But here is what I think is going on:

Please note that the box she ?false? alerted on was in the same location as the hot hide previously. So there could be lingering odor. This is actually really interesting- but a very good learning moment because we know she is picking up trace odor, what we are teaching her now is that only strong source gets a reward.

Great instructions to Wade by the way. Really, great.

She does offer an alert right out of the gate on the second hide, but it is almost like play- what is great is that afterwards she does come back to it, and stays at it. Again, strong source, not trace odor.

This is actually very interesting 🙂 and Good 🙂 Just keep at it .