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Alana McGee

Thanks for the feedback guys.

We’ll practice as you recommend tonight and aim to post a video tomorrow or Sunday if we have any questions about our progress.

Question – We were in the mountains on Wednesday and Wade was walking Cricket (I was off taking pictures) and he said she was super interested in an area where mushrooms were growing. I didn’t see it, so I don’t know if she was alerting, and we were *well* outside of what I understand is typical truffle habitat (but I could be wrong), so I was curious as to whether truffles and mushrooms have similar odors. It could very well be that there was just some super interesting animal scent that she was really in to.

I also would never have guessed that my literal puppy would extrapolate her alert to an unfamiliar scent – so mostly I am curious as to whether dogs who hunt truffles also alert on mushrooms.