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Alana McGee

You and Cricket look FANTASTIC!

For the ball reward, will Cricket play ball at the source like Callie does in the video for Week 2? I think this is what you plan on trying next. We would love to see that.

A note about “accidentally dropping the truffle”. We understand you are focused on training when staging this, but want to point out that YOU will behave much differently if you drop a truffle in the forest. When you “drop” it, try to act more like you think you might if it wasn’t premeditated. Likely, you would first drop down to the ground yourself before actually thinking to ask your trained dog to help you. It’s just an instinct to do that but it does create a different picture for Cricket. The good news is that often the dogs like it when we are genuinely looking for something and need their help. It become a rather rewarding experience for the two of you. So, try to be a bit more true to a “reaction” to dropping your truffle on the ground…in a forest…where you can’t see it at all 😉