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Alana McGee

Yes! Unicorns! – I presented at a conference this summer and managed to sneak in a unicorn, next task is to sneak a T-Rex in somewhere 🙂

Back to why we are all here – we did some hunting tonight, it was great! Except I forgot to warm her on the scent again (I promise, I usually remember, really I do). I think you can see how she is exploring in search #1 trying to remember, she walks passed and even stops to sniff the source once but doesn’t alert, and the whole time I was kicking myself. Thankfully she is smarter than I am and she figured it out.

Hides 2 and 3 went really fast, and I tried a ball as a reward once. I think I’ll do it differently next time and keep her super close with a short toss like we would need to in the woods.

Question – should we practice in different parts of the yard? It seems like the smell sticks around on the grass and she goes back to that area frequently when we are out playing etc.

As recommended, we got a harness for truffle hunting for her. We are currently counter conditioning the heck out of it as she has had major problems with harnesses in the past (ah, my sensitive puppy), so you should see that soon.