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Alana McGee

[quote]Instead of removing the boxes completely, I thought I?d help her by moving the boxes (flower pots) out of direct sight and placed them next to chair legs, or half tucked behind things thinking that might help her get the game (I am pretty sure this is your guys’ suggestion from the lecture). [/quote]

This is perfect!

Multiple targets do come after more advanced scenarios, but they are a bit interchangeable. Just make sure if you are doing multiple, something about the situation is a little bit easier. Everytime you increase the difficulty level in one aspect, something else should get a little easier, whether that be environment, amount of visual clues etc. Again, Success and confident reward histories are what we are looking for.

[quote]Also- when I see her getting stressed I manufacture success by having her target a scent source I have in my pocket ? so I think (hope) that I am preventing her from being too discouraged/stressed. [/quote]
This is great too. Perfect, that is exactly what we suggest you do.

Hide 1: happens to all of us, but now you know that Cricket is much more comfortable in an environment when she is primed for it. Keep that in mind when you are outside too to keep up the routine of warms ups.

We LOVE the nose targeting in your hand. Good job waiting for her to offer you the alert when it is on the ground. If she pauses and looks at you for direction for a while, one thing we would suggest would be to start moving slowly as that may re-enage her.

Hide 2: I love when this happens. You can see the dog process and think, well, this doesn?t fit criteria of previous situations, but when they have a success in a scenario like that it is a light bulb moment for many dogs and is a GREAT learning experience.

Hide 3:

What I would say is you are extremely aware of your impact on Cricket with Pressure, such as the rushing in. That is fabulous Shannon. And really good to note about your approach.

[quote]I also love how when I say “All Done” she goes flying into her room to wait for another chance to search. [/quote]

We love this too 🙂

At 2:21 see how she hits the scent column and works backwards, and it is really completely out of view. It?s great, just have to give her the opportunity to hit the column 🙂 Very very nice 🙂 That really was a VERY very good one for Cricket as she trusted her knowledge of odor not visual 🙂

Start in your backyard as it will be more familiar than the University perhaps, just to start. Remember to keep the area small and have an extra target on you to manufacture success. If she is on a leash that will be something else to take into account to, so just conscious of your pressure on the leash.