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Alana McGee

Since we are running out of class time, I also had a couple going forward questions.

I am pretty sure I will not do the December as Gold and will rejoin the class in April. Since that will not be truffle season in my area, should I buy some fresh truffles now and freeze them? Or will there be something similar available at that time that I will be able to use?

Truffle hunting and nosework, can they co-exist? I actually will have a couple local NW3 trials coming up and if I get in, will need to get her back into training. I use different commands, although I have slipped and said find it with the truffles, it’s a different context, so it doesn’t seem to matter to her, hunting is hunting. Alerts are slightly similar only if it’s a ground hide and she definitely does not bark or dig with intensity in NW, so I don’t think reading her alerts will be an issue. But any other thoughts?

Thanks for all the help this session. Have enjoyed it!