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Alana McGee

Telecommuted today, so was able to do a “real” practice 🙂 It had rained almost all night, so ground was good for digging in. I did 5 hides, and 4 fake holes (one of which she checked twice), cooked about 25 minutes, they were about an inch or so in the ground. I am using hot pink string as my markers, so she doesn’t sight on them. Was about 65 degrees and sun was out while they cooked, but it did rain again after we got done.

Video is slightly longer then usual. I have all 5 hides in it and I did double speed on her searching, but still didn’t cut it down much. Sorry about that.

Regarding the precise alerts… so Spring noses it, digs, may or may not look at me, and as I approach she digs more and when I tell her to show me she lays down. What can I do to refine this or make it better? She seems to be pretty reliable, and I think the digging is key, if I don’t see the dig then it’s not a truffle or could it be?

The barking may or may not become part of the chain. I think she is doing it because I am taking too long to reward and today she left hides to approach me as I delayed. She goes back which is good. Since she doesn’t go far from me will the barking be a necessary part of it?

Also she always takes alot longer to find that last hide whether its 3 or 5, so should I end the game prior to the last hide or let her work through it?

Thanks for the help.