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Alana McGee

[quote]What did that first alert look like that you missed? [/quote]

Well that was the problem, I have no idea, I was trying to get the specifics of where the search area was and Tricia just let me walk into it and she was like you need to watch your dog and when I looked down Spring was leaving and she hadn’t turned the video on. So Spring either didn’t realize she was working or because my focus wasn’t 100% on her, she left it. Once I took the leash off and sent her on her way she was working.

I will ask her if she knows what the majority trees are on her property, she may have truffles and not know it! But if we can arrange more practices, would be good area to work her without the distractions you find at parks.

I had planned to work her at a new location yesterday, but we had a cold front come in and blustery winds with a windchill. Could not find a good area with a wind break, so scrapped that idea, as just walking around she seemed miserable. Very hard to acclimate the dogs to 70 degrees one day and 35 degrees the next.

I did work her this morning, not sure what I was attempting to train, except to mix things up 🙂 Due to limited time, I hid 5 of them under the leaves that had piled up from the wind, cooked about 15 minutes, 40 degrees, but no wind. She came out of the house, went to the right side of the yard and then cut across the back and that is why you see her start in the back part. I have hides 1-4 on the video, #5 was in the back and view was blocked by the planter, but by that point I couldn’t remember where it was, so I worked the top area and when she came up empty moved towards the back and she found it almost right away. Will do buried hides next time, so you can see that progression.