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Alana McGee

The hides in the taller grass sound good Alyssia.

Surrounded by woods is tough, and you did a great job- doesn?t have to be a completely new environment, but this sounds like a good place to practice, when you can, of course.

That first hide (really the 2nd) was really good! Spring was confident even when it was hard to physically get at source because of the rocks. That?s awesome! Way to go! hanging around the agility equipment is okay- lots of other smells there. And great hide on #2 (really #3)

Nice job on rewarding and trusting Spring and coming in for the confirmation. Really well done on your part for your first set of blind hides!

Nice job giving her more space to work without pressure when she comes back towards you while searching on the hide by the tree in the back.

the moment at 2:45 was actually really nice when she came back to the game, and well done you for praising the shift in behavior. Always mark and praise the shift in behavior in these scenarios.

We think you did really well with this scenario- you & Spring. Trusting her 100% and she gives nice really clear alerts when she is confident. What did that first alert look like that you missed? At least you know to trust her! It?s ok, and happens to all of us, but that is exactly why it?s good to practice blind hides when possible- it?s more for the handler than the dog!

The vocalizing at finds will likely come more with time and practice in more familiar environments. You?ve only done that a handful of times yet so it will take a bit to solidify that behavior, but we would say continue to try to push for it at home in more familiar environments, but as you did here, let it go and loosen criteria for new spaces.

Really well done, and again nice connection and trust. It was nice to watch the hide by the rocks and see Spring problem solve how to get at it. You?ve certainly built up value for staying at source, which is great.

We also like that she comes to check in with you after a find. You can use that opportunity if you want for mini break session if you think she?s start it get a bit stressed. That would be one of our only recommendations. You were great on timing, and it looked really good over all. Spring is, on a whole in regards to finds, much more confident when she locates odor source now and doesn?t seek the confirmation as much, but we would suggest you still offer it- just as you have been doing.

It?s a great progression though. Keep it up!