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Alana McGee

Yesterday did 5 hides in a different part of the yard, grass was thicker, so the holes were more like divots and then I just put the grass plug back to cover. So not deeper but more covered. She did pop one out of the hole with her digging and it actually rolled forward, but I am using the tea balls so they have a little more weight. Wind was brisk and she was covering alot of ground chasing the odor downhill and then coming back to it, but was about 5 minutes total. Over all she did really good and kept the attitude up.

Tonight finally did blind hides, we put 5 out and she found all 5 in under 6 minutes, but to keep the video down showing 4. The hides were not buried, but they were hidden pretty good. Her property is surrounded by woods and I have been there for nosework practice, so it wasn’t a completely new area to Spring, but there is alot of ground debris and other scents, wild animal and dogs. We had a mis-communication regarding the search area so started right on top of one that Spring found, but I missed. So you hear me say after the first hide about going back to it, but she never did until she had found the other 4. Between hides 3 and 4, she got hung up sniffing around the agility equipment., I think the odor was pooling, I cut most of that out, but I did leave in her alert to whatever ran through the woods at about 2:45, so you can see the difference in her body language. I thought it went well for the size of the area we covered and all the distractions. She didn’t shut down, even though she checked in with me and she also did her reset shake a couple times as well. She grumbled one time, but couldn’t get her to really vocalize. But it was a brand new scenario then what I have been doing with her.