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Alana McGee

The first video is of yesterdays training, I had 3 hides, cooked for about 15 minutes. Spring found the 2 that were slightly buried pretty quickly, and the 3rd which was laying on top of the grass to the left of the big drainage pipe it took her quite some time to find, so I cut that out, as the majority of the time was spent with her working the far upper right corner and going back and forth.


Since she still seems to be lacking the confidence she was showing earlier and also to contain the area, I made it easier tonight and hid 5 on the patio, she found all of them, but for time sake I cut the 5th one which was under the broom (which she did check briefly early on). Had 2 under the leaf piles and 2 on the edge of the patio obscured. It had been raining so the back part of the patio is wet. I am not moving around that much and she seemed to be OK with that in this setting.