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Alana McGee

Thanks for the feedback.

I know we can?t hear you on the video very well, so we can?t analyze you verbal interaction there. It might be helpful if you could even set up a close up inside hide once for her to find, and film it- just a super short video- so we can hear YOUR reward behavior chain :)[/quote]

Ok will get a video of this, the weather is terrible again, so will set something up in the house.

[quote]The playing with the target, building up value is great, but after that, you should have ended the session. Just make a mental note![/quote]

I did end the session after the 4th hide she found in the grass. I guess I wasn’t clear about that. But between 2:09 and 2:28, she was picking up the odor of the 5th hide at the base of the tree. That’s where I was wondering what I should have done. But it sounds like I should have ended it there with the extra target, correct?