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Alana McGee

Yesterday, did 5 obscured hides , weather was sunny and dry, she did a great job finding those, had one in a split tree root, completely accessible and she tried to dig that out, which was great. The camera was way back to get the whole scene and of course after watching it, realized would be hard to see what we were doing.

This morning, did only 4, had been raining again and it was much cooler and wet and her energy seemed down, she found them all, just took her longer then usual.

So decided to try again this evening, had stopped raining, was 60 degrees and everything was wet. She found the five hides in 4 1/2 minutes, I cut out where she left the frame and also when she was she searching the PVC for a bit for her last hide and still over 3 minutes. I can cut more of her searching or the rewarding out if you don’t need to see as much.

The search area is smaller again and the hides clustered to get the camera closer. I had two under the leaves and stuffed in the grass closer to the camera, there was another stuffed in the weeds by the fencing and then under the pink flowers, which she hit on at .34 and around 1:08 but she did not commit.