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Alana McGee

Thank your or telling us the weather conditions, that does make a difference.

Without the boxes is a big improvement. At the 0:09 mark- that is fabulous, she does a very quick look to you and then alerts again, and then gives you the longer more pronounced looking alert after he has marked it with her paw. I even like that she steps away as you approach and she comes back to it!
Great work on the reward and the targeting with her paw/ nose on the truffle in hand.

Again at 1:37 fabulous. She is more confident in these and looks to you for reward after she has give a large and clear alert.

This was a great video. We don?t really have too much feedback except to say that this is a good level to continue to build at and get positive reward histories. Try it in different portions of your yard.

What I would say is notice, if you rewatch the video, the distance at which she is comfortable working from you. You do a great job of not blocking her, but she usually doesn?t stray beyond a certain point. Slowly moving around the space may be an option for you to explore the area together when you start working in much larger areas. That is a decent sized area you are working in and you are definitely ready for this week.

Don?t stress about the sound too much. It?s good to be able to hear your interactions, but seeing your body language and your interaction is more what we focus on.

Also great job on withholding verbal communication until after the alert.