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Alana McGee

Here is my end of week 1 video, sorry about the audio, it appears to pick up the crickets and hardly anything else, can use my old video camera but picture quality isn’t as good, so will look into boosting the mic on the phone.

This is from tonight and it was sprinkling with slight wind. I had 4 blank tins and 4 blank tea balls with 5 hides (4 teaballs and 1 tin, which she found last). There was a gate on the right and the left to contain the area, but at one point she went around it , but came back when called.

I realized I was saying good before getting to the target and I think that is why I was getting alot of look backs in the first video I posted, so have been trying to keep my mouth shut, until I get to the “truffle” and check it out and then it goes, did you find a truffle, good truffle, good girl, good job or along those lines.