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Alana McGee

Thanks for the feedback. Boxes have always been our nemesis in nosework and she does do much better WITHOUT them. I had hoped going back to the foundation box work in the 1st truffle class, would eliminate the uncertainty of which box has the odor, but as seen in the vid she still does it. Last night we did do 4 hides with no boxes and with the empty teaballs and tins scattered around and she nailed that. I actually couldn’t remember where they all were in relation to the empties so I had to check and she did great with staying them. Of course had video malfunction, so need to make sure it is recording next time.

So this week, do away with the boxes, unless I am seeing she is having trouble, build up the size of the search area and continue rewarding in a long sequence. Should I continue with multiple hides and if so, up to how many?