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Alana McGee

Thanks for the tips on the use of the yard, I do have ways to section parts off, so will have to try that so she can have some freedom to work. She is very good verbally off leash, but she will chase odor and work a larger area then needed.

I did get video together today. It is almost 4 minutes, even after creative editing, but wanted to give you guys a better idea of how she works. Will keep the next videos to the time limit.

1st section of video is a box drill from this morning, with two hides in the brown boxes, she was off leash for that one, but I had done the same drill previous to that on leash, so she knew the game. You will see her false alert a bit, but I think the odor pooled after I opened the first box. 2nd section is from this evening, on leash, it was 4 empty boxes, 4 blank tea balls and 4 blank tins with 3 hides in tea balls, she did false alert on a box and then hit the tea ball near it. 3rd bit is same drill without the 4 boxes and I thought she did a great job with that. All the hides were 3 qtips in tea balls.

Do you think I should spend less time rewarding? I know I dropped food a couple times and she had to make sure it was cleaned up, but she does go back to work. Looking forward to any other feedback you have as well, thanks!