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Alana McGee

Your outdoor training area looks great! You will have many options for training and can create several scenarios with varying challenge! Wonderful set up for this class.

One thing I’m excited about is that there will be so many leaves falling in your yard. That will be a great “change’ to the training environment as you progress so keep that in mind before you rake leaves up. Consider training in the leaves and then with leaves raked. Be creative when you get to the point of adding distractions/ changing environment.

You have a good size yard and this will initially be too large of a search area so we recommend having a way to section it off. Being on leash works fine, but it is sometimes nice to have a visual barrier that defines the space (if possible). If you have some gates, plastic fencing material, or ex-pens to define the boarders of the search area, that provides some clarity for the session. It doesn’t need to be secure…just defining the perimeter.