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Alana McGee

Here are pictures of my backyard, where I will be doing most of the training right now. There is a park right down the street that has an open field, surrounded by trees and then houses and parking lot, but I am not sure how often I will be able to get over there right now, so didn’t take pictures.

This is pretty much the whole yard, house behind me, chain link on left and back and 6ft wood privacy on right. Yard slopes downward, tree will be dropping leaves pretty soon, so there will be lots of ground cover. Lots of places for hides when we get to more advanced. From my nosework training, odor does go down towards the back of the yard.

Another view of the “main” grassy area.

The back fence area, feral cats behind the fence, which make good distractions and I do have critters that come through, so there is scat sometimes to be found.

Hope to have my 1st video up today or tomorrow as I would like to get feedback on what I need to work on. Spring will most likely be on leash to contain her search area, as she will search the whole yard if in working mode.