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Alana McGee

We think this is FANTASTIC. Zero critiques for improvement on this, and loved his enthusiasm right before the third one!

Really nice easy, fluid, calm working style.

The one thing to be aware of is tippet actually handing you the truffle. Are you hiding the odor/ truffles in vials still?

we are tempted to have you start working with ?naked? truffles? or in a pinch rub truffle oil on a small (very small) potato. Since tippet is likely going to have a mouth retrieve- we want to start seeing now how that works/ looks. He has a gentle mouth, but Try it with a couple of the Pecan truffles you have if you want.

GREAT job on offering/ giving hydration 🙂

[quote]As long as I am somewhere in his peripheral vision, he is good. If I am directly behind him, he will reorient or stop what he is doing. [/quote]
What?s good is you notice this 🙂 well done.

Generally good job. It looks really good.

Hope you are having a great time at the NW 3 trial!!