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Alana McGee

We are heading to a NW3 trial tomorrow, so wanted to get this off today.

Bruce put out 6 hides, one to three inches deep. He marked each with two clothespins sprayed neon orange. Mistake. Tippet brought me almost all the clothespins, so got a treat in trade. At the end of the day, we got all the clothespins and 5 of the hides. Tippet was impressive.

I planned on setting my timer for 12 minutes, and his finds in that time would be our “haul” for the day. I began walking around a bit to see what I could see, and Tippet just bopped onto #1, so I pushed the timer button and we kept going. He found 5 of the 6 hides, one just outside the 12 minute mark. He is really coming along! I am sending video of the first 3 finds, minus a few clothespin trades.

I thought it would be excellent to find 2 or 3 hides in that huge area within the 12 minutes. The area is 120 x 80 ft. Just after this video ended, I walked him over to the water dish and then sent him out again. That’s why I gave him an extra minute to search.

Really like the way he searched the ground. Hope you do, too! As long as I am somewhere in his peripheral vision, he is good. If I am directly behind him, he will reorient or stop what he is doing. My beloved velcro dog!

We will be in contact by email and on this forum (Internet), and back home Monday night. Looking forward to your comments on this one.